The Deutscher Journalisten-Verband (German Federation of Journalists) is the professional association, trade union and service center for journalists. It is one of the largest journalists‘ organizations in Europe. It represents the professional and media policy goals and demands of full-time journalists of all media.

The German Journalists Union (dju) in ver.di (United Services Trade Union), represents the professional, social, ethical and media-political interests of all freelance and permanent journalists organized in ver.di.

The GFF (Society for Civil Rights) is a Berlin-based not-for-profit-NGO. Its goal is to establish a sustainable structure for successful strategic litigation for Human and Civil Rights (HCR) in Germany, bringing together plaintiffs with excellent litigators in order to challenge infringements of HCR in court.

The n-ost network delivers stories researched on-location, supports cross border investigations and strengthens foreign reporting. It encourages the cooperation of journalists in more than 40 countries.

Netzwerk Recherche is the German association of investigative journalists. The nonprofit organization seeks to improve the quality of media coverage using investigative methods of journalism. To achieve this, nr draws attention to the importance of journalistic research for a democratic society and aims to strengthen the research skills of journalists.

Reporters Without Borders is an international human rights organization protecting freedom of information worldwide and fighting against censorship online and offline.